WWE head of talent relations John Laurinatis tells Bob Orton Jr. to “Blade” in a match with the Undertaker and Randy Orton despite his blood being infected with Hep C

Websites report current WWE on air personality also has Hep C


From Wrestling Inside Pulse:
As reported earlier, “Cowboy” Bob Orton was released today by WWE. He had not been seen on WWE TV since the Randy Orton/Undertaker feud ended following the Hell in a Cell match late last year.

Both the Wrestling Observer and Pro Wrestling Torch newsletters have reported that there has been heat on Orton, which led to him being taken off the road, whereas initial plans were for Randy to win the World Title and have along reign with his father always helping him squeak out victories. The heat is a result of a situation that angered The Undertaker, although reports recently have stated that Taker had since calmed down.

The backstory is this: 35 years ago as a teenager, Bob was tested positive for hepatitis, a disease that can cause severe liver damage among other things. Since he hadn’t had any symptoms of the disease, or even thought about it much since, the newsletter reports suggest that he was surprised when he recently tested positive by WWE doctors. Johnny Ace knew about the test results, but hadn’t told The Undertaker, who was in the midst of a feud (that often got bloody; hepatitis can spread through the blood) with the Ortons. However, the WWE doctor who tested Orton was close with Taker, told him, and Taker was angry. As it turns out, the doctors had told Orton it was nothing to worry about, although today’s news of Bob’s release could very well have been related to the health situation.


According to Bob Orton Jr.’s Wikipedia page:

“Orton was also diagnosed with Hepatitis C as a teenager. During Randy Orton’s Hell in a Cell match with the Undertaker at Armageddon 2005, Orton was cut open at the hands the Undertaker, though the Undertaker did not become infected with the Hepatitis C Virus. Orton reportedly told WWE booker Johnny Ace (Aka John Laurinatis) that he had Hepatitis C,but Ace still ordered the beating to take place despite knowing that there was a chance The Undertaker would become infected with the Hepatitis C virus.”


It has also been reported on many wrestling websites that current WWE Smackdown Commissioner Theodore Long has Hep C.  Long’s current role only sometimes requires him to be in physical situations but he has wrestled in actual matches in the past such as the one below:



Part Two of the “Don’t Bleed On Me: Wrestling’s Hepatitis C Secret Revealed” has been released as of April 9th 2011.

Part Two is the result of the increased interest in Devon Nicholson’s cause to bring awareness of the spread of Hepatitis C within the Professional Wrestling community.

Presented in a Question and Answer format, “Don’t Bleed On Me: Part Two – More Questions Answered” sets out to answer some of the most asked questions that were not directly addressed in the first part of the Documentary.

Featuring responses from Devon Nicholson himself, WWE Hall of Famer; Superstar Billy Graham, and WWE Legend; The Honky Tonk Man, “PART TWO – More Questions Answered” digs a little deeper into the unspoken danger of deadly infectious diseases.

Watch PART TWO now!

Former TNA Employee Claims Desmond Wolfe Has Hepatitis C

Yet another pro wrestler has been allegedly infected with the Hepatitis C virus. As more of these stories surface it’s clear that the spread of deadly diseases in the wrestling world is rampant.

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Randy Ricci, a former production manager for TNA Wrestling, claimed in a blog post on Friday that the reason Desmond Wolfe has not been wrestling in recent months is because he has Hepatitis C—a viral disease that leads to inflammation of the liver.
Ricci adds that the former ROH World Champion will be offered an office job.
Wolfe last wrestled for the organization in August. He and Magnus were scheduled to receive a shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship against The Motor City Machine Guns at No Surrender, but were pulled from the event at the last minute, with TNA citing a “personal issue” as the reason. It was later reported that Wolfe was pulled from the event due to an undisclosed medical situation that would sideline him indefinitely.
Hulk Hogan is the only TNA Wrestling employee to publicly address Wolfe’s status with the organization. When asked recently on Twitter about Wolfe returning to television, Hogan responded, “Desmond’s situation is beyond TNA’s control, the ball is completely in his court.”


How Hep C derailed Devon Nicholson’s WWE deal

Here is a great article written by Tim Baines which was found on the Slam Sports Website.

Tim Baines is the top sports editor for Sun Media and currently writes for the Ottawa Sun.

You can read the full article and watch the news video HERE!


HERE is a link to a related story by Tim Baines called “The Art of Drawing Blood”


Another great blog post about the Abdullah The Butcher allegations

Here is a great blog post about the allegations and the Don’t Bleed On Me documentary written by Eric Gargiulo of CamelClutchBlog.com.

Eric Gargiulo is a professional wrestling announcer, commentator, and radio show host. Gargiulo is most known for his years announcing and hosting for Combat Zone Wrestling.

You can read Eric’s post HERE!


Wrestler known to have HIV participated in “double blood” matches in Ohio. Is the WWE really the “caretakers of the wrestling business” they say they are???

Charged with spreading HIV

If WWE is the self proclaimed “caretaker” of the business shouldn’t they be warning people about the disease wrestlers can catch from bloody matches rather then promoting people that are only known for bloody matches like Abdullah the Butcher???  

The story below is very disturbing and a very good example of why professional wrestling should still be regulated.
–Former wrestler Andre Davis, who wrestled as Andre Heart out of Cincinnati through 2010 was arrested for felonious assault today because he was HIV positive and had sex with a woman without informing her.  He found out in 2009 he was HIV positive.  He had an agreement with WWE to start as a referee, and it is likely that when they put him through a battery of tests that he found out.  He disappeared for months and then showed back up in Cincinnati and said his contract from WWE was pulled because he had felonies for back child support.  He was wrestling in matches until about six months ago.  If you have worked with him, particularly if there was any blood in those matches, you should get checked out.  Area referee Brandon Tolle noted that at least five area wrestlers are being tested because they worked bloody matches with him, and Tolle refereed bloody matches with him. 
 You can read the news article HERE.

There is another article on Andre Heart that can be read HERE!



Irvin Muchnick, author of Chris and Nancy: The True Story of the Benoit Murder-Suicide and Pro Wrestling’s Cocktail of Death, has recently blogged about the failed coverage of the Devon Nicholson/Abdullah The Butcher Hepatitis C story.

In his article titled “A Few Words About WWE Hall of Famer and Bloodlust Sicko ‘Abdullah the Butcher'” Irvin says how Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer dropped the ball on this story. He says “Meltzer misses the point in every important way. It is revealing and sad that he would frame for his readers a bedrock anecdote about occupational health and safety almost solely in terms of insider frat-boy politics.”

The article can be read on his Wrestling Babylon website HERE.


Irvin also takes the time to point out a well written article on this story by writer David Bixenspan of Cageside Seats which can be read HERE.



Tim Baines, sports editor for the Ottawa Sun newspaper, recently wrote an article on comments that Superstar Billy Graham has made regarding Abdullahs induction to the WWE Hall Of Fame.

Being a WWE Hall of Famer himself, it’s shocking that Billy would make the following comments:

“For the WWE to induct into their Hall of Fame, Abdullah The Butcher, who has never wrestled one match under a WWE contract, is bordering on blasphemy,” said Graham.

“I am demanding that this company remove my name from their index of Hall of Fame wrestlers. It is a shameless organization to induct a bloodthirsty animal such as Abdullah The Butcher into their worthless and embarrassing Hall of Fame and I want the name of Superstar Billy Graham to be no part of it. The WWE and their Hall of Fame is disgustingly embarrassing, I want out.”

Graham, who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004, even went as far as selling his ring on eBay.

You can read the full article over on the Slam Sports Website HERE!


Superstar Billy Graham also has some unkind words for Dancing With the Stars contestant Chris Jericho which can be read in the same article.


A new video has been posted that shows Superstar Billy Graham telling the account of how Abdullah The Butcher once nearly decapitated an Indian Wrestler in Lethbridge, Alberta in Canada.

Billy recalls how Abdullah cut this low card wrestler nearly to death and how Abdullah laughed the whole thing off. He says how the only reason Abdullah did it for was for “heat” and had no regard for the other wrestlers life. The Indian was paid a measly 15$ for the match that left him mutilated.


We urge you to sign the petition but why not also take the time to let the WWE know exactly how you feel?

Vince McMahon wants to honor Abdullah despite his no blood policy.

Vince McMahon only put in this policy because his wife Linda was running for politics.


Let’s let them personally know how we feel and demand for justice!

Send your comments to the link below and let your voice be heard!